fredag 28. mars 2008

Central Park Hoodie - Give me an arm! or two.

I just have to show you my progress:


Yay - It's looking great, so far.

I think I'm going to skip the hoodie, I've made the Rogue, and I never use it, because of the hoodie, I think. We'll see.

Happy weekend!

torsdag 27. mars 2008

The 8-trick Pocket hat

The 8-trick Pocket hat is done:


It's to big for me, and was a little bit weird on any head in this house, probably the yarn, so it's frogged. But I really loved what I learned knitting this. I really recommend Tech Knitters blog.

Look at the nice decreasing:

Hat Hat

Free pattern: Pocket hat by Tech knitter
Size: Rasta
Needles: 3.5 mm and 2.5 mm
Yarn: Smart

tirsdag 25. mars 2008

On and off the needles

I've crocheted a hat this Easter:

Hat Hat

It's a little big...

Free pattern: Beacon Street Cloche
Yarn: Fritidsgarn
Needle: 5 mm (H)

It's felting right now, I hope.

Easy Easter Scarf

I also started on an easy scarf with the yarn from the Zombie socks, that I frogged.

Easy scarf

Free pattern: Easy scarf
Needles: 5 mm (US 8)
Yarn: Superwash wool, fingering weight

Central Park Hoodie

Some progress:


It is full winter outside. I want spring, right now!

mandag 24. mars 2008

I won - again

I must be the luckiest - I won stitchmarkers again, and they are beautiful, and just what I needed for my lace knitting.


This time it was Vicki at Simle Knits that had a "What to knit with 1-285 yards of yarn"-contest.
You can find the 500 patterns she gathered HERE.

I contributed with some of my own patterns, found HERE.

Thank you so much, Vicki.

And thank you all for your nice comments during the Easter Holiday. I've been away for a few days, but I'm up to visit your blogs right now.

mandag 17. mars 2008

Circle Socks

The Norwegian Kal "Sokker 2008" have Circle Socks as the March pattern.

Circle socks

Free pattern: Circle socks (pdf)
Magic loop: 3 mm (US 2.5)
Yarn: Regia 4fädig, Jacquard Color, 55 g (253 yards)

A fast knit. :)

fredag 14. mars 2008


I'm done, and tired, and I'm not knitting anything more today.


The pattern is very nice. Here is my Zombies:


From one Zombie to another: Good night!

tirsdag 11. mars 2008

Meet Matilde (and cph)

Do you remember Oscar?

We have had another visiter. Matilde (whom also is a first-grader, not a teddy-bear). She wanted the same outfit as Oscar, just for a girl.


Thank you for visiting. :)

Central park hoodie

Have I told you that I'm knitting cph? The cardigan is filling up my blog, just like Celtic tote did...


Sock Madness 2


I'm in, I don't understand/remember what I'm supose to do. I'll just knit the socks, if I have the yarn, I think.... The start up is in the evening, but I'm not sure if it's Wednesday or Thursday. *lol*

Back to knitting.

mandag 10. mars 2008

1940's doily and Central Park Hoodie

I finally blocked this little doily:


Free pattern: Knitted Lace Doily from 1940's
Needles: 2.5 mm (US #1.5)
Yarn: cotton tread
Size: 30 cm (12 inches) in diameter

Central Park Hoodie Progress:

I'm going fast forward. :)


Hobbybodens designere


A lot of new and free patterns, both in Norwegian and English: HERE

lørdag 8. mars 2008

Celtic Tote - finally

Yay - the Celtic tote (and purse) is finished, and it's all good. :)

Celtic tote

Celtic tote Celtic tote

Pattern: Celtic tote by Jennifer Tallapaneni (from Interweave Knits, Winter 2007).
Modifications: a lot
Yarn: Hifa tykt vevgarn, 300 g
Needles: 5.5 mm

The purse:
Celtic tote

Thanks to ohelene for the nice button:

Celtic tote


fredag 7. mars 2008

Central Park Hoodie and a ball

Central Park Hoodie

The back is done:


Felted ball

Before and after felting:

Felted ball Felted ball

Free Pattern: A small yarnball
Yarn: Wool dyed with Kool Aid
Needles: 3 mm

About the Celtic tote:

It's all done. Just missing some pics. The felting went well.

Happy weekend!

onsdag 5. mars 2008

Celtic Tote - again, and more

The Celtic Tote is still not felted. I'm really afraid that it will look like crap after felting....

I've made a small purse of the left over yarn and a pocket inside the tote.

Mini Celtic Tote Mini Celtic Tote

Maybe I'll felt it tonight, if I dare.

Chinese Waves Dishcloths

I've made 3 Chinese Waves Dishcloths. A nice stitch, but I havn't tried the cloths yet.

wash cloth

Free Pattern: Chinese Waves Dishcloth, 45 sts
Needles: 5 mm
Yarn: some cotton from stash

Central Park Hoodie

I'm still knitting on the CPH. It still looks like it's going to be to small for me. I'm in denial.

So far:


What are you knitting? Leave me a message and I'll visit your blog or your Ravelry projects.

søndag 2. mars 2008


Jacobean is the first socks of "Sock Knitters Pentathlon 2008". Someone knitted these socks in only 9 hours. I'm knitted my best, didn't take (many) brakes and used over 20 hours. Gosh - I'm slow. ;) Now my arms deserves to rest. Here they are:


Pattern: Jacobean
Needles: 2 mm (US #0), magic loop
Yarn: Piggelen, 55 g