fredag 29. februar 2008

A beautiful gift, and some CPH

Look what I got from Frøken ij:

Gift bag

It's really beautifully made, with special details:

Gift bag Gift bag

Please visit Frøken ij's blog for more details.

Tusen takk Frøken ij!

Central Park Hoodie - progress:


It looks kind of small, but I'm continuing knitting anyway.

Have a nice weekend!

tirsdag 26. februar 2008

Interweave Knits, Oscar and Central Park Hoodie

I got the last Interweave Knits in the mail:

Interweave knits

There is absolutely nothing I want to make from this magazine. I said the same when I got the winter-issue, but then I changed my mind and made the Celtic Tote (still not felted), maybe I'll change my mind again after a while.


We had a visiter yesterday. Oscar ("whom is not a teddy-bear, but a first grader"), was her. He left with a new hat and a satchel:

Teddy bear

Teddy bear Teddy bear

A nice house-guest. :)

Central Park Hoodie

I've casted on for the Central Park Hoodie. I finally have some yarn, that I think will work well with this pattern: Green Smart from SandnesGarn.

mandag 25. februar 2008

Yarn and more yarn

I bought yarn. A lot of yarn.

We (my husband and me) drove to SandnesGarn on Saturday and I ended up buying 8.7 kg of yarn. It took about 5 minutes. And I totaly forgot that I was there to buy sockyarn. That's me...

Here is what I bought:

yarn, sandnes

It's Alfa, Smart, Fritidsgarn, Mandarin, Pronto, Mirelle, Tove, Rondo and Tresko.

It makes me happy to have all this new yarn in the house, but I've better find something big to knit really soon, the storage space is limited in this flat.

Still a podcast fan:

A shout-out: Have you listened to Meghan at Stitch it! Podcast? You should! A lot of fun. A really nice podcast and one of my new favorites!

søndag 24. februar 2008

I'm back

I'm back from the winter-holiday. We have been skiing and relaxing at my parents cabin. The weather was everything. Wind, snow, rain, sun...

I've knitted cloths and more cloths, I have no idea how many. Here is one:

Wash cloth

And I bought yarn, lots of yarn. More about that when I find out what I bought. :)

fredag 15. februar 2008

Yarn Mystery III

Liv-Toril's YarnMystery III is finished. This is a Norwegian KAL where about 200 girls are knitting a secret project. This time it ended up to be the Cabled Newsboy Cap from Stitch 'N Bitch Nation:

Knitted cap

Pattern: Cabled Newsboy Cap from Stitch 'N Bitch Nation
Yarn: 70 g Mandarin Fiesta
Needles: 4.5 mm

Thank you, Liv-Toril. It was fun! :)

It's winter-holiday in Norway, time to go skiing. Have a happy week everyone.

torsdag 14. februar 2008

Fetching and a lot on my needles


How could I resist, with over 4900 projects on Ravelry.

Here is my Fetching:


Pattern: Fetching
Yarn: 45 g Smart from Sandnes
dpns: 4 mm


Tomorrow we will recieve tha last part of the YarnMystery, I'm ready:

Yarn Mystery

One Row Scarf

Another Harlot-scarf is done:

White scarf

Same yarn, needles and size as the last one.

Doilies on the needles:

Doily Blue Egeblad

And finaly, a ball that needs felting:


I really hope this ball will look like a ball after felting. Now it's not...

That's all. :))

tirsdag 12. februar 2008

Free Pattern: Reversible Cabled Scarf

Another scarf is ready to be shown of. This time it's one with cables.

I've used a fingering weight yarn, but I think that a DK or sport weight yarn would work nicely too.

Reversible Cabled Scarf

You'll find the pattern here: Free Pattern

I have still one more scarf (or really two) comming up, the next one is an easy lace scarf.

Happy knitting!

lørdag 9. februar 2008

Ravelry prize

Look what I got:

Ravelry bag

frogged and ripped and Bob

"The Bobbys 2007
The official inaugural year of the unofficial ravelry awards

This award presented to Turvid for Most Projects with no zzz's

Signed by Bobert B. Dog"

I'm so happy!

Thank you so much if you voted for me.

Are you not a member of Ravelry? Why not? ;)

And thank you for commenting in my blog (and sorry about the rant in my last post).

Why not comment?

Why not comment?

I have visitors on my site - I know. I have stats thats tell me. I try to comment on some of the blogs I visit, not all of them, but some, every day.

What is your reason not to comment? Is the subject to booring, do you usually not comment on blogs, I just wonder.

My toughts about this, right now, in the middle of the night (that should be sleeping time) is: Why blog, really?

For me it is very much for me, I have a control of when and what I did make in the last month, the last year. .. Why do you blog?

But whatever I tell myself - your comments are important to me, and please, if you have a comment, about anything, or just want to say happy weekend, or something. Please do!

It would really make my day!

And then I will visit your blog, say happy weekend, and so on... :)

Happy weekend!

fredag 8. februar 2008

Yarn Mystery III

Liv-Toril's YarnMystery III has started. This is a Norwegian KAL where about 200 girls are knitting a secret project. No - we don't know what we are knitting, but we still do. :)

I have searched my stash to find a yarn that would fit. I have to look for the right gauge, since I don't know what I'm knitting.

I tried Misti alpaca from Du Store Alpakka:


Then Colonia 140 from

Colonia Colonia

But I couldn't get gauge. Do anyone else make swatches like this:

Colonia swatch

The smaller, the better.... ;)

I ended up with Mandarin Fiesta from Sandnes:

Yarnmystery III

And the first part of the mystery is done:

Yarnmystery III

We will recieve the next part of the pattern on Sunday.

Happy weekend!

mandag 4. februar 2008

lørdag 2. februar 2008


Today (!) I've knitted Thuja. It's part of the Norwegian "Sokker 2008".


Pattern: Thuja, 40 sts
Magic-loop: 3,5 mm
Yarn: Mor Aase Raggegarn, 70 g (138 yards)

I'm not to happy with them, but they are done...

Sokker 2008 suser videre. Jeg har strikket februar-sokkene i dag. Ikke de mest vellykkede sokkene. Litt løse i fisken, og når sokkene var ferdige så jeg at innfargingen ikke er lik, litt nedtur.

Jaja - nå er det snart kvelden.

Happy weekend!