torsdag 20. desember 2007

No inspiration and Lucky me!

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I'm looking for inspiration for something to knit/crochet. All the Xmas presents are done and wrapped, there is no-thing on my needles, and I'm kind of out of sock yarn (almost)...

EDA: Oh - I thought of something.... I think I have a scarf-idea.

But I have some Happy news:

I won stitchmarkers from Lixie Knits It. Oh - I'm so looking forward to getting them in my mail. Just look: Link to stitcmarkers.

Lixie Knits It is a really nice London-based Podcast, and Littlelixie mentioned my blog in her last podcast (Episode 13). Thank you so much for your nice shout-out.

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Bente sa...

Jeg leter også etter det perfekte strikketøy. Si ifra hvis du finner noe :)
Det er mulig kommentaren min kommer flere ganger nå, men jeg sliter med å få de bokstavene riktig.