mandag 18. mai 2009

Free Pattern: Slouched Tuva Hat

Slouched Tuva Hat

Sloched Tuva Hat

Need a gift for a friend, to keep your head warm or to hide a bad hair day?

This is your solution:

A baggy hat that’s a really fast knit.

Skill Level: Easy/Intermediate

Size: Fits most

Yarn: Tuva or any yarn that fits the gauge, DK weight, ~120-130 yards (110 meter, 50 gram)

Needles: US 4 (3.5 mm), circular and dpns

Gauge: 18sts = 4 inches (10 cm) in stockinette stitch

Sts = stitches
K = knit
YO = yarn over
K2tog = knit two stitches together


Cast on 90 sts.

Place marker and join to knit in round.

Make the ribbing:

Knit 1, purl 1 until the ribbing measures 1 inch (2.5 cm)

Stitch pattern:

Round 1-3: Knit all sts

Round 4: (K2tog, YO) repeat to end (to stitch marker)

Repeat round 1-4 until your work measures 7 inches (18 cm), ending with round 4.


Round 1: K1, (K2tog, K8) repeat between ( ) until 9 sts remain, K2tog, K7 (81 sts)

Round 2: Knit all sts

Round 3: (K2tog, K7) repeat to end (72 sts)

Round 4: (K2tog, YO) repeat to end

Round 5: K1, (K2tog, K6) repeat between ( ) until 7 sts remain, K2tog, K5 (63 sts)

Round 6: Knit all sts

Round 7: (K2tog, K5) repeat to end (54 sts)

Round 8: (K2tog, YO) repeat to end

Round 9: K1, (K2tog, K4) repeat between ( ) until 5 sts remain, K2tog, K3 (45 sts)

Round 10: Knit all sts

Round 11: (K2tog, K3) repeat to end (36 sts)

Round 12: (K2tog, YO) repeat to end

Round 13: K1, (K2tog, K2) repeat between ( ) until 3 sts remain, K2tog, K1 (27 sts)

Round 14: Knit all sts

Round 15: (K2tog, K1) repeat to end (18 sts)

Round 16: (K2tog, YO) repeat to end

Round 17: K1, (K2tog) repeat between ( ) until 1 sts remain, K1 (10 sts)

Round 18: Knit all sts

Cut the yarn and pull it through the remaining stitches.

Weave in ends and it’s ready to wear.

If you make the hat please let me know! I would love to see what you have created.

**Free pattern for personal use only**

by turvid 2007

Sloched Tuva Hat


17 kommentarer: sa...

Oh nice! Thanks so much, I'll be linking.

Elin sa...

Å, så stilig denne ble!
Den må jeg prøve å strikke når jeg får anledning. Takk så mye for mønster. Så flink du er!
Ha en strålende uke!

Charlotte sa...

Denne var veldig kul! Takk for at du deler oppskriften!

Elin H. sa...

Å for ei fin lue!! :) flink du er!

Magnolia Handspun sa...

Thank you for sharing your beautiful pattern I can't wait to try it.

Merruli sa...

Thank you for the pattern. I liked knitting it and blogged about it with a link here.

Rebekah Travis sa...

I just finished this hat and love it! I made it as a Christmas present for my Sister-In-Law but might also make myself one! Thanks so much for the free pattern.

Anonym sa...

Could I use a size 10 needle with bulky yarn to do this? my smaller circular sizes are hiding somewhere in my house.

A knitting bear sa...

Hi, a ravelry friend asked me to translate your pattern for her 'cause she can't speak English. Would you give me your permission to write it in Italian for her personal use?

Thanks in advance and congrats for your beautiful hat.


turvid sa...

AnnaLisa - I tried to send you a mail - but it's all fine by me :)

irenesol sa...

Hei. Det står at denne kun er til personlig bruk, oppskriften altså ;))) Er det ok om jeg strikker den og gir den til kreftluealongen? Det er mange som strikker sånne tighte luer, men det er sikkert noen av damene som går på cellegift som ønsker seg litt baggy luer også. Snakker av erfaring. Syns den er så fiiin!

Klem, Irene

SarahandCaleb sa...

Any ideas on how many sts to cast on and decreases to make it suitable for a small 6 year old?

Clair sa...

Hi there! My friend gave me a link to your blog for the Tuva hat. Apparently the hat pattern I made is the worked flat version of your hat.

This is the pattern I made:

It's interesting how my hat turned out to be the flat version.

Husfruen sa...

thank you, I have made one:)

Anonym sa...

Hei! I just finished the Tuva Hat for my daughter, she will get it as an 'easter-egg' ! It was nice and easy to knit and I will sew on some flowers. It is in ravelry in my projects. Thank you and have a good time!

Anonym sa...

Quel joli chapeau ! It's a very nice hat.
Je vais essayer d'en faire un. I will try to knit one.
Thanks for the pattern.

Anonym sa...
This is the hat I made using your pattern. :)