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Free pattern: Mile a minute scarf (#2)

Here is the pattern for my Mile-a-minute Scarf #2

Need a quick gift but don’t have the patience for long scarves?
This pattern makes a fancy reversible scarf in a short evening.

Mile-a-Minute Scarf 2


Use an Aran or Bulky weight yarn: About 50 g (75-100 yards) depending on what size scarf you would like to make, or double up your thinner yarns.

Needles: 8-12 mm (US 11-17). For the scarf shown I used 10 mm (US 15)

Gauge (not important): 12 sts = 10 cm (4 inches) on 8 mm (US 11) needles.

Use bigger needles than the yarn usually calls for.

Finished scarf: I used 45 g (77 yards) of Mirelle from SandnesGarn (45% wool, 55% Polyamid). The scarf is about 11 x 140 cm (~5 x 55 inches), and it's very stretchy in both width and length.

Skill level: Easy

Note: Adjust the stitch count to get a different size.


Cast on 9 stitches on needle 10 mm (US 15)

Row 1. k
Row 2. k1, (YO twice, k1) repeat between ( and ) to end of row.
Row 3. k1, (Drop the two YOs from last row, k1) repeat between ( and ) to end of row.
Row 4. k
Repeat these four rows until your scarf is at desired length. End by knitting row 4.

Cast off loosely.


Weave in all ends.
Block if you want to.

If you make this scarf please let me know! I would love to see what you have created.

**Free pattern for personal use only**

by turvid 2008

Drop stitch scarfWhite scarf: 11 sts, needle: 12mm (US 17), double sports weight yarn.

Please contact me via email if you need further instructions: turvid at online dot no.

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Anonym sa...

Flott og dekorativt skjerf, turvid!

Bitt@mi sa...

Det var kjempefint skjerf:-) Takk for at du deler oppskriften! Du skal ikke se bort fra at jeg strikker det, skal i så fall si fra:-)

Anonym sa...

Kjekt med raske prosjekter som blir flotte også, der er du ekspert! :o)

Ha en god helg!

Rachel@oneprettything.com sa...

Oh I love it! I'll be linking.

Eva sa...

Jeg visste jeg måtte lage dette skjerfet med en gang jeg så det! Det ble ferdig på én nattevakt. Ta en kikk på bloggen min så får du se resultatet. Takk for at du har delt mønsteret med oss!

Unknown sa...

I love this scarf!

I am sure I have some great yarn laying around to make one for me :-)


Crafterella sa...

Hey there,

Eva has added their version of your project on crafty community Cut Out + Keep and we thought you might like to see how it turned out.

You can see their version and also import your project here (that way you'll find out when any new versions are added) :

Crafterella :)

Ariane sa...

Awesome pattern, thanks. I've made it up this week. I'm hopeless with the photos, but you can kinda see what it looks like here, if you're interested.

जयश्री sa...

Its Superb Pattern !!
Super liked :)
I will surely try this.
Thanks for sharing the pattern.