torsdag 16. april 2009

Lucky me!!

Look what I won:

Stitch Saver

Beautiful stich savers from 5elementknitr.

From the etsy shop:
You know when you're on the go, knitting to pass the time, and you've dropped a stitch. GAAA! We've all done it. Miles from the nearest crochet hook at home.

This is a little keychain for when you've dropped a stitch. It's perfect for your notions bag or attached to your project bag. Also makes a handy and useful keychain for... keys!

The smartest tool ever! I got two. One small one with a bead, and a bigger one with my name on.

One for my keychain and one for my knitting bag.

I love it!

Thank you so much, 5elementknitr! :))

(I won this just by participating in the Holiday Kal-Cal)

Lucky me!


7 kommentarer:

5elementknitr sa...

I'm glad you like them! Hope you never need them....

Anonym sa...

Oooh! Those look really neat and useful! <3

Inas lune hjørne. sa...

Hei du!

Så koselig å se en hilsen fra deg i bloggen min. Det er jo så lenge siden jeg har sett noe til deg. *klemmmer litt*

Ha en flott dag!

Rigmor sa...

ahhh...stilige :D Ikke dumt!!!

Hannes hage sa...

Skikkelig stilig! God helg.

Hilde C. sa...

Det gjør litt vondt i hjertet å se amputerte heklenåler, men du verden så smart og kreativt det er :-)

YarnThing sa...

Hey girl! I am so happy that you like the keychain! FYI, I have put mine in my coin purse because it sometimes comes undone from the keychain and you don't want to lose it, right?