onsdag 9. april 2008

Look what I got :)


Vickie Howell had a comment contest, and I won -

I won!

The yarn is beautiful. It's "Rock" with soysilk, wool and hemp, in the colors Joan (black) and Kim & Kelly (Turquoise). I also got the pattern for the Lemon Drop Scarf and a nice project bag.

Thank you so much, Vickie!

4 kommentarer:

Silja sa...

Vet ikke om noen som har sånn vinnerlykke som deg jeg!Heldiggris!

Ninne sa...

Så moro!! Det ser jo riktig så lekkert ut!
Kos deg!

Vickie Howell sa...

So glad you like it!

I'm working on a new project pertaining to the craft community and was wondering if you'd mind sharing with me some of the well-known and/or professional crafters (knitters, crocheters, quilters, collage artists, etc.) in Norway or surrounding countries?


Anonym sa...

Enda fleire premier. Du er jammen heldig :)
Ønsker deg ei fin helg :)
Klem fra Ronille